About Us

Friends of Borgne, Inc., was formed in January, 2009. It is an outreach program to help with education of the people in Borgne, Haiti. The Golden Rule drives the efforts of Friends of Borgne as we strive to encourage compassion in ourselves and others.

Friends of Borgne, Inc., is a non profit charitable organization incorporated in the state of New York as a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation. A board of directors who receive no compensation for service governs Friends of Borgne. This board works in conjunction with the Assistant Mayor of Borgne, Estimable Francius Dauphin the Board of Fondasyon Dauphin, a Haitian educational foundation, and Sarah Brownell and Kevin Foos, American volunteers working in Borgne.

The people of Borgne of all denominations who maintain a strong faith in God and who help each other every day in spite of almost insurmountable poverty inspire us. Their total trust in God and their ability to persevere humbles us. The richness of their faith, the beauty of their singing, their love of family, their stories, their art, their hospitality captivate us. Our mission stems from a commitment to honor the deep wish of our friends in Borgne that their children be educated. Our neighbors deserve nothing less.

We have been so blessed by family and friends in the United States who contribute generously to this mission and share what they have with the poorest of the poor in the Western Hemisphere. We are deeply grateful and we strive to use their gifts wisely and well.