How You Can Help

We are seeking incredible generous people who wish to help with our mission. Please help us continue our work and help us keep our commitment to continue to provide scholarships for these children each year until they finish their education.

Here’s how your donations can help.

$l00 Tuition, books, uniform for one child for one year

$1000 Portable library of 100 books in Kreyol

$400 A month of food for the children on scholarship

$100 The monthly salary for a librarian for the portable library

$100 A donkey which the librarian will use to transport the books to the outlying areas

$ 50 Donate with a friend and support a child together

$ 10 Buy a book for the library



Raising a generous child is a challenge in a society that constantly teaches children to want more and more for themselves. A great way to teach your children to be generous is to let them see you giving. It is important that parents talk with children about the charitable gifts the family makes. Maybe they have ideas of ways to share more.



Make a jar to collect change during the year and each June, count it up and send a check to Friends of Borgne to help educate a child – or children! (We can send you a photo of the children to remind you and your children of the importance of what you are doing.) You could include a drawing or letter from your children to the children of Haiti.

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Make checks out to Friends of Borgne, Inc. and send to

Friends of Borgne, Inc.
PO Box 486
Honeoye Falls, NY 14472


All donations are 100% tax deductible, and 100% of your donation goes to the people of Borgne.

Contact person: Joan Haviland 585 582 2029 or

We are happy to talk with any organization or group of people about Friends of Borgne and to provide opportunities for them to help with our mission. We, like the people of Borgne, trust in God and our neighbors to help us.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.